Beaches of Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brasil

If there is one thing that Porto Seguro has to spare are tourist attractions. In the "Mother Earth" of Brazil always has what to do. Sun and beach, history and culture, sport and nature, festivals, hustle and bustle, in short, the options are many and varied. We have chosen some of the main attractions to give you a unique experience. On this page, we invite you to choose the one that suits your taste. From historical monuments of undeniable value, to stunning scenery that relax and invigorate, we have everything. The invitation is ours, the choice is yours!


Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil

Meet the busiest beach of the North Rim. About five miles from the Discovery Walkway, Taperapuan has the best and most famous tents, restaurants and leisure complexes of this strip of urban coastline. A complete beachfront infrastructure offers comfort and good dining, as well as entertainment with all-day programming and, depending on the house, also night time. Lamba-aerobic classes, a dance that was born here before the world ran, and which made the fame of Porto Seguro for many years, shows and much animation, are available to the tourist with breath for great emotions. Even during the day Taperapuan is the point of the city on the North Shore. With the low tide, it is possible to play that "bare" that here goes by the name of "baba", to enjoy a beach volleyball or beach tennis. The invitation is ours, the choice and the breath is yours!

Itacimirim Beach


Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil

The beach of Itacimirim, with less than 1 km of waterfront, and warm waters that kiss the strip of narrow sand, is just over 3 km from the city center, being one of the first of the North Shore. There, you can enjoy some reasonably structured tents that serve good meals, drinks and Bahian music. It is the place to enjoy with family or friends.


Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil

About 10 km from the center of Porto Seguro, on the North Shore, on the way to Cabrália, Ponta Grande is one of the most beautiful scenery in the city for photos and contemplation of the sea. The road runs parallel to the blue waters, and in some stretches the sea is so close that it seems possible to touch it through the window of the car! Mandatory passage for those who follow up to Coroa Vermelha, Ponta Grande is right fun for all ages.


Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil

It is 4 km from the center, also on the North Shore, Mundaí beach has calm waters and the generous shade of coconut trees. It is ideal to go with family and children. For having traditional tents, with great service and different music, such as blues, reggae and rock, is very frequented by natives. Opposite the beach, there is room for Camping, being common to see several Motor Homes of all the places, parked there.


Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil

The last beach of the North Bay of Porto Seguro, already on the border with Santa Cruz de Cabrália, this charming strip of fine white sand serves as a stop for the schooners and boats that lead to the Coroa Alta, a bank of corals that forms near there , With low tide. Address of luxurious resorts, good restaurants and beach stalls, Mutá is much sought after by nautical sports, especially those driven by sailing. Quiet place, with unspoiled nature, mangroves and coconut groves, is the ideal beach to live in peace with nature without giving up the comfort and convenience of good services.